For those who think summer’s only about surfing, skateboarding and deep diving, there’s so much more you can do. Just with your smartphone. Yes, times have changed and one may argue that summer isn’t like it used to be. Hours of picnicking, listening to music, basking in the sun, loading a backpack to drift off someplace far. Do these things still happen? Only if you have your smartphone by your side.

Here’s the good news. The summer spirit hasn’t gone anywhere. Welcome to Summer 2.0 - a new version of the season, reimagined. Summer’s when the soul rekindles, reinvents and rejuvenates for a new chapter. A time to chase new adventures and stumble upon new dreams. A time to refresh everything from your phone case to your home lighting.

Spring Summer 2018 is bound to be special. With the launch of our exclusive summer magazine, a new horizon of possibilities opens up. For the first time, one can discover there’s so much su

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